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Default Re: Track R8 214 Sprint

Little update with a BIG CHANGE coming for 2021. I decided that im going to race with the MG Cup next year since the ex Dunlop 216 GTi's have been added .Ive been thinking about this for a while now and have been looking for another car for around 7 months now with no luck finding either a good 3 door 216 GTi Twin Cam or an factory Dunlop Challenge car so i have decided to convert my shell over to the Honda powertrain. Unfortunately even this has been a pain these car are incredibly have to find now but after 4 months of non stop checking every site i could find and think of i got one.

2020-11-24_09-54-44 by John Quincey, on Flickr

Luckily ive also managed not to have to ruin a good car and found a rotten donor car thats been in a shed, in a field for almost 10 years im told (not sure if thats true but its never had a computerised MOT test. Anyway so the car got delivered with flat tyres and the brakes locked on... great start. So i spent a morning making sure i had something worth starting with as the people who recovered it said it would not start. After fitting a battery, working around the after market alarm, replacing a few fuses, putting some clean oil in we had a cracking car with spark but no fuel. Bit of investigation found the fuse for the fuel pump kept blowing so after dropping the tank found the fuel pump had sorted out. I had a old pump from a ZR so after wiring up a switch and sticking the pump into a jam jar with some new petrol she fired straight up and all sounds ok was happy i had wasted 250 on a seized engine

2020-11-28_10-38-03 by John Quincey, on Flickr

2020-11-28_10-38-19 by John Quincey, on Flickr

Next on the list is to remove the engine, gearbox, looms, ecu and everything else i need so can get everything opened up and rebuilt while work is closed over xmas and new year and get it fitted into my Rover R8 Shell asap so the roll cage can be fitted in new year!!!!


GTi start by John Quincey, on Flickr
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