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My brother inlaws ztt broke down a few weeks ago,rac man called out found there was no fuel delievery carried out various checks an decided pump not working,used number mechanics tool an hey presto the engine fired up.fast forward to last week an same again car refused to start,brother inlaw decided to repace pump an ordered a secondhand one witch he duly fitted,an you gussed it car still not starting.at this point i got involved an sure enough still no fuel delievery,rechecked pump appeared ok tryed to look at filter unit but
did not want to come out ,so decided to see if engine would fire on externally introduced fuel,so pourrd a tiny amount into throttle housing an engine tryed to fire,by this it was getting dark an battery was getting
low so we called it a day.came home an checked the forums an found tje thread on the fel filtrr coming apart.today went aroud again managed to pull the filtrr housing further out an then i could see the gap in the two halves,did the nessasary an woopee the engine burst into lfe,so an huge thank you from me an also from the brother inlaw,Great thread well done
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