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Default Re: Fuel system failure (petrol)

Originally Posted by brindle View Post
ZTT Man, my ZT is showing exactly the same symptoms as you described. I came out to my car sat on the drive and guess what it wont start. Tried to fire and then just died. This happened a couple of times and now it wont fire at all and the fuel is very low.

My question is, if the filter ring has worked loose and this appears to be the reason the cars don't start, can you not just tighten the filter ring up again? Why do you have to take everything out to then replace? am I missing something here, is the bit that works loose actualy in the tank? please advise as I am going to tackle my problem tomorrow. Regards. Brindle.
It's some time since I had a problem with mine and I didn't fix it myself but I understand the problem is low pressure pump failure not simply it coming loose but obviously check there are no leaks preventing fuel being delivered to the high pressure pump.
Symptoms on mine was the engine stopping, faltering or not starting when the tank reached about 1/4 full.
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