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Default Re: Fuel system failure (petrol)

Hi guys,

I have posted the same quesiton on the two-sixties, but suspect there may be a wider audience here due to it being a non-V8 specific problem.

After suffering several misfires, and having spoken with Brian at Dreadnought, I ordered an orange clip and and new filter. I was expecting there to be a clip or self tapper already on as the module failed a few years ago and the MG dealer charged a small fortune to fix it. I was disappointed to note that they had simply screwed it back together with no fixing!

Anyway, I have replaced the filter element and fitted the clip but am waiting for the battery to charge before I can test it.

One question though. I am not sure I have managed to loose a pipe off of the assembly. The assembly appears to have two elbows for pipes to attach in the tank located at the 3 O'clock position (12 O'clock being the outlet pipe on the top of the assembly) i.e. the right hand side of the assembly if your sat on top of it looking forward. Only one of these elbows has a pipe connected. Have I managed to dislodge a pipe, or is it normal to only have one pipe connected at that position?

Thanks in advance.

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