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Hello and good evening, I had a fuel problem with my Rover 75 Touring 2.5V6
Pulled off the drive one day (two years ago) and the engine cut out. Friends n neighbours gathered round (lol) to help n embarrass me n we all ended up pushing the car back on my drive. Green Flag came out fiddled around for 40 minutes then gave up saying I'll tow you to the garage of your choice. The garage was just down the road nice n local, so car towed away outa my hands n still under warranty. Garage called next day n said my cars been moved to blah blah for further tests! A week later it was done I had to pay cash up front 512 of my holiday money!! for a 'new fuel pump'.The garage then went on to have the cheque from the warranty people sent to them too!! cha-ching 1024!!! When I didn't recieve my cheque n found out it was sent to the garage I rung em up, 'sorry sir it isn't here try the head office' is what I got. Head office 'not here sir try the other garage it was sent to for testing' after going round n round like an idiot I called the warranty company they checked n the cheque had been sent to the 1st garage but not cashed. I called them again just to get the same reply. So I called warranty company again told em to cancel the cheque n send a new one to my home address this they did and all was well till the garage called n asked 'why did I do that? don't I trust em?' 'kin rip off lousey faggots!!
Now it just shows that a broken car is only half the problem, swizzling garages are the other half.
Any way my car broke again Sun 20th April 08, just off to work n it wouldn't start called RAC 30 mins later they said about 40 mins so I got a lift to work. RAC man called me at work can't fix it, I mentioned to him about the problems before so he put on the sheet possible fuel pump. He told me to ring in the morning to arrange a tow to a garage! **** that I thought, meanwhile my bro looked on the net n saw the orange clip saga n told me about it checked it out when I got home n started work, chopping up the wifes broom n scratting about for 'bits of metal' lol.
Mon morning 9:05am removed back seat used a wooden dowl n rubber mallet to strike retaining ring after removing the pipe n prized pump out. nipped indoors looking for Xpart dealers found one Luffield cars Loughborough reserved orange clip n tank/filter seal 8.24 went back to car tightened up filter assembley started 1st time!!! brillo set off to Loughborough @ 10:05am! Job done although upon trying to fit the parts the pressure is back n petrol p*sses outa the pipe even after bleedin some off through the throttle valve. So I'm gunna put my tools n brooms etc in the car for when/if it fails agian n go for some lunch! Many thanks to ZTT-MAN
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