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SPANNERS 03-10-2019 01:17

Looking at this....
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MG 6 Magnette, 1 owner 60k

SPANNERS 03-10-2019 01:18

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Mg 6 1.8t

Jerry 03-10-2019 11:34

Re: Looking at this....
I know nothing of them. The reviews have always been average. But the price has always been good. I would say that reliability is your most important aspect

SPANNERS 04-10-2019 13:52

Front end is vertually all Rover 75, inproved K series engine with modified head gasket as standard. Gearbox is the unknown as it is no longer Getrag. I believe electric were a problem but at this milage you would hope theyre sorted. I PDI'd a few and handling was excellent, at the price they go for maybe worth a punt. Its got all the whistles and bells...🤔

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