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SPANNERS 04-09-2019 23:51

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Ive been looking at buying a second hand MG3 and am interested to find out on what model year cars Stop/Start was introduced. I cannot abide it and wish to avoid if possible. As far as I am aware, it hasn't always been fitted.
Also I would like to hear peoples experiences running the cars, good and bad. Saw a white car on saturday at Oulton with Mod Oct decals fitted and large bore exhaust and rather fancied it. Thanks in advance ...Roy

Jerry 05-09-2019 21:33

Re: Stop/start introduction on MG3
Friend hired one a couple of months back and he didn't like it as he said it wasn't fast enough.

Yes, the person was not an MG aficionado and therefore is obviously not someone to listen to.

I like the look of the MG3, but can't help with Stop/Start. Personally, I always disable it on the cars I have fitted with it.

Special K 07-09-2019 23:18

My son has one with start stop (17 plate)and it can be disabled. It's not a MG, but it is a good value car with cheap insurance for youngster's that is made in China or Thailand that just happens to have a MG badge on it. The engine is gutless and the gearbox is like porridge with a stick in it but these combine to give confidence to parents that their kids are driving like "Miss Daisy". If you want excitement look elsewhere. If you want just function then it's ok.

Special K 07-09-2019 23:43

And another thing- they suffer from is a clutch judder especially when cold or damp. It's only done 17,000 miles and has played up from very low miles. But on a long 100 mile trip the other weekend I could smell it burning.mention it to dealer and they claim nothing is wrong. My 2004 ZS had its clutch changed last year after 14 hard years. There's also a irritating Quirk of the revs rising when changing gear in second. The road tax on the pre 2016 cars is a lot cheaper too so that need looking at, Its 147 per year on ours.

SPANNERS 08-09-2019 01:43

Thanks for your honest opinions, pretty much as I suspected really. I believe they have to be driven pretty hard to get anywhere quickly and have heard of several common faults. Being a former dealer tech I know most cars will be perfectly reliable, we always had 'problem cars', most faults can be fixed, my logic is that a car with 40k on it will have had them sorted. Will ponder some more but thanks for the input.
P.S.....I believe a K series fits in quite easily.

Special K 08-09-2019 14:42

I saw one at pride of Longbridge with K turbo in it. Yes if you rev it hard it makes progress but the gearbox can't keep up with the action. Fuel economy would be a concern if a regular distance commute car, but ok for local runabout.

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