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DeMoNPauL 02-05-2011 17:40

Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden really should have used a fake address on his Playstation Network account, bet Colonel Gaddafi is pleased he has an XBox

lozkeeley 02-05-2011 19:38

Re: Bin Laden
HAAAAAAAAAA! http://i312.photobucket.com/albums/l...o/web/rofl.gif

tcb180 02-05-2011 19:42

Re: Bin Laden
Just in case he tries to get into heaven I heard that god has put Henry Cooper on the door.

Mike Feeney 02-05-2011 22:23

Re: Bin Laden
apparently he was great at Call of Duty

ian zs180 02-05-2011 22:58

Re: Bin Laden
I bet bin laden regrets filling that census form in now

Elton is to write a tribute song following bin laden,s death ... its called sandals in the bin

Lukeus101 02-05-2011 23:27

Re: Bin Laden
I never knew they took the bins out on bank holidays

karlZR 02-05-2011 23:39

Re: Bin Laden
A Royal Wedding and Osama Bin Laden dying... if Carlsberg did bank holidays.

Christina 02-05-2011 23:40

Re: Bin Laden
After Megatron I thought the Americans would have learned a lesson about burying an enemy at sea.

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