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Graven 06-03-2010 10:32

Guess what...
A blond and a brunette were on safari together, when suddenly they see a huge lion on their path. Trying to distract the lion to get away unnoticed the brunette picks up a stone and throws over the lion. Unfortunately the stone hit the lion on the flank. The lion turns his head, sees the 2 girls and lets out a mighty roar as it makes ready to charge. Terrified, the brunette shout at the blond "Run, Ruuuuunnnnn", the blond replies "why, I didn't throw the stone......"

higgi23 06-03-2010 11:30

Re: Guess what...
Very good,hope Christina doesn't see this though......:whistle:

Graven 06-03-2010 13:05

Re: Guess what...
Why? is she a brunette?

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