: Brands Hatch 5th May (BTCC) - Camping & Accommodation

09-03-2003, 12:26
How much are these tickets?

I am planning on travelling down sometime on Saturday and then maybe camping (if I can get a tent and then try and construct it).

If not, then looks like a night sleeping in the car on sunday night!

09-03-2003, 19:32
still not too bad considering usual BTCC is £25..

and got IndyCars aswell... and that'll be probably a full 2 hour race...

I'm still gonna go.....now need to find a tent, B&B or a London area relative.

But if anyone else is considering camping then I would like to tag along.

09-03-2003, 20:08
Sorry Dave Can't help on the old accommodation front.

Clare & I will be travelling down on the day from home in Staffordshire, I'm guessing at a 5-5:30am start.

Thats dedication for you.

MG had better win like they did last year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-03-2003, 21:30
no worries Rob

That'll be a last resort for me... roughly around 4ish hours blast down the M1 for me..

that'll be a 4.00 am start for me then!


10-03-2003, 09:30
Bear in mind that Monday (5th May) is a Bank Holiday, and traditionally the roads are pretty damn busy! I'm seriously considering camping, and spending the extra £15 on a 3 day pass. However, I'm not doing that alone, as I'll be bored out of my mind!
If you do decide to drive down on the day, I'll come across from Liverpool way and meet up with you for the drive down (but not at that A66 pace!!)

However, if anyone else is camping, I'll join you!



10-03-2003, 11:33
My favoured option would still be the make a full weekend of it, gonna try and pursuede a few mates to come along.. have a BBQ at the campsite, few beers, sing MG supporting songs..

£55 for 3 days is I reckon, very good value..

will try and go for that option!

Mat C
10-03-2003, 15:27
Is their camping available at Brands Hatch itself or is it a seperate location. Must admit, at £55, it's a bargain and very tempting ! BBQ's and all that sounds very appealing ! :beerchug :D

10-03-2003, 16:07
I'll look into the camping option and report back!!


10-03-2003, 16:11
Seem to remember that both Brands Hatch rounds of BTCC were on Bank Holidays last year. Roads were very quiet early on (i.e before 8). More traffic later though.

Have to think about this camping option - there are a few sites in the area.

10-03-2003, 16:15
The Octagon Motorsports web site (http://circuits.octagonmotorsports.com/circuit/circuit_visitors.asp?c=1) has links to local accomodation

10-03-2003, 16:29
OK guys, just spoken to a bloke at Brands Hatch. Camping is available actually within the circuit, complete with facilities, for £10 for the entire weekend. So, if you arrive Friday night and leave Sunday night, you'll pay £10. Sounds like an absolute bargain to me. I gave him my details and he said he could reserve a few places for a week or so, but he's not expecting a mad rush just yet. I'll be booking my ticket in the next week or so, and will almost certainly book camping as well. So, you up for it chaps?

Also got the full programme for the weekend from Octagon's website (www.octagonmotorsport.co.uk) and here it is!!!

Timetable (provisional):

Saturday May 3rd:
10.00-10.20 – Porsches Qualifying
10.30-10.50 - Renault Clios Qualifying
11.05-11.35 – BTCC Free Practice
11.45-12.05 - Formula Renault Qualifying
13.05-13.25 - Formula Ford Qualifying
13.35-14.05 - Heritage GT Qualifying
14.20-14.50 – BTCC Free Practice
15.00-17.00 - Champ Cars Free Practice

Sunday May 4th:
10.00-12.15 - Champ Cars Free Practice
13.15-13.45 – BTCC Qualifying
14.00-15.30 - Champ Cars Qualifying
15.45 - Porsches - Race 1 - 20 laps
16.25 - Renault Clios - Race 2 - 25 laps
17.10 - Formula Ford - Race 3 - 20 laps
17.45 - Heritage GT - Race 4 - 20 mins

Monday May 5th:
9.00 – Porsches - Race 5 - 25 laps
9.45 - 10.15 Champ Cars Warm-up
10.30 - Heritage GT - Race 6 - 30 mins
11.15 - Formula Ford - Race 7 - 25 laps
12.00 – BTCC Driver’s Parade
12.20 - BTCC Grid
12.30 - BTCC - Race 8 - 30 laps
13.15 - Champ Cars – Grid
13.45 - Champ Cars - Race 9 - 160 laps
16.45 – BTCC Grid
17.00 - BTCC - Race 10 - 30 laps
17.45 - Formula Renault - Race 11 - 30 laps

Really looking forward to this one now!!!



10-03-2003, 21:48
I really want to make it to this, but don't much fancy camping, TBQH.

I'll try phoning a couple of B&Bs tomorrow and if I can get a bed for the night, I'll be there too.


11-03-2003, 14:19
Come on Diggers, get yourself down there in a tent - you can even use the spare room in mine if you want m8!
Should be great with a bbq and beer after a good days racing, and looking forward to the next day's too!

11-03-2003, 14:51
Thanks for the offer mate, but I think I'll have to pass on this one.

I'm still planning to get to as many of the Midlands and Northern BTCC events as possible this year though. Probably about 5 meets this year.


11-03-2003, 17:43
Wouldn't mind staying the night of the 4th. Could be the local Hotel though! Back up Canvas!

11-03-2003, 17:48
Just a thought - does the Porter Bella (pub where we met last time and may do this time) do B&B ?

Kelvin Fagan
11-03-2003, 18:56
I considerd a hotel for the CSMA event, wont be as big as BTCC/Cart. The Brands Hotel is already full for that weekend Finding a hotel room or B&B around Brands is in my experience is alway difficult.

If you going to book then find somewhere now!
I typically booked 4 months in advance for nearly all of last years rounds of the BTCC. Maybe with the exception of Croft!.


11-03-2003, 20:16
Looks like its just me for the weekend now.

Will be booking my tickets before the end of the month, for the weekend....

Probably will be camping as its mucho cheaper than a B&B, plus birds, BBQ and Beers....

If nobodies gonna camp out then I'm not doing it by myself...will get lonely!

11-03-2003, 20:35
Hmmm Davey, I have a tent also (not been out in many a moon tho) so I might camp if its still in one peice. But other than that and a sleeping bag thats all the camping equipment I have :D

Mat C
11-03-2003, 21:25
Davey, don't rule me out of camping m8 ! Very keen on the idea, sounds like a great weekend ! Just got to make sure i can commit to it. Got a hell of a lot on around that time. The week before it's the 1st Lincolnshire drive, 2 weeks after the Brands Hatch meeting i'm off to Brussells for a few days and during the next few weeks things are equally as hectic ! Just let me work out my finances and we'll go from there ! :)

12-03-2003, 08:36
I'll definitely be camping - I like the idea of Birds, Beer and BBQ! We do a lot of waterskiing up at Windermere in the summer, and always stay at a local campsite, so I've got all the camping stuff - big tent, gazebo, folding chairs, table, cooking stuff - the lot!!!


12-03-2003, 12:52

Looks like its just me now... thats almost confirmed.
Maybe we should start a thread for people who are camping at Brands for the weekend?

keep this thread free for people to inform Rob of their participation.

Just another niggling question...

Indycars (sorry Champcars) dont run on ovals in the wet, Rockingham 2 years ago springs to mind...was good though...when it started!

obviously brands isnt as dangerous as an oval, do they still run in the wet?

as bank holidays are famous for being wet!!

12-03-2003, 14:50
Right - decided! I'm booking my tickets this Friday - all 3 days plus camping for the weekend. I'll go for infield parking as well if possible, although driving from the circuit campsite to the infield parking area may be considered a tad lazy!!! Anyone else confirming the full weekend, or am I on my own on Saturday?

Kelvin Fagan
12-03-2003, 15:03
I think once your get parked in the campsite, you wont then get out to drive to infield parking. You will need to battle against the flow of one way traffic!! Leaving the circuit and driving back in may prove difficult too!


Mat C
12-03-2003, 15:11
Drive in early enough and no problem :)

12-03-2003, 16:19
Maybe I should take it easier on the beers then the night before - then I at least stand a chance of getting up early enough to move the car to the infield. I want to make sure I'm parked with everyone else.

Mat - are you camping or have you not decided yet? What about John? I can almost smell the steaks on the BBQ now!!



Mat C
12-03-2003, 19:51
Paul, my ideal situation is to camp out for the weekend but as previously explained, got a lot on at the minute and i won't know for another couple of weeks. Will most likely be a yes though.:) When's the latest i can book the weekend ticket ? :confused:

12-03-2003, 21:29
Just consulted the family. Looks as if we may be camping as well.

Kelvin Fagan
13-03-2003, 08:34
Huge thread on a BTCC forum about camping...
hope its ok to post a link:

Banana Car
16-03-2003, 10:41
Camping should be good. It will make a good weekend even better.

18-03-2003, 13:10
So does any one know anything about the camping then?

cost/facilities etc.... ?

18-03-2003, 13:35

Camping: Brands Hatch provides basic camping facilities at the larger meetings for œ1.50 per person per night. Space only is provided at other meetings. Tel: 01474 874804/5


There is a more peaceful caravan / campsite in Botsom Lane:
‘To The Woods’. Telephone No 01322 863751.
Their outdoor swimming pool is also open to the public

Who's up 4 it then ?? I can get 6 in mine! 4 places left.... :shout:

20-03-2003, 03:16
Shui - just seen my programme - I can do this! I'm up for camping Sunday night.

Just need a chicane for a BAR - NICK?

Diggers - will bring the Trophy if the EVO hasn't arrived!

20-03-2003, 08:25

e.mail my hotmail account and we will work summat out !

I'm gonna call Brands today and sort the camping etc..... :D

20-03-2003, 14:24
Sorry, but we can't make this one. Decided it's too expensive.

Jerry - guess you'll have to find another 'chicane' :D

20-03-2003, 15:39
Nat - only joking about the chicane!

This is the only one worth going too though! Hope you have a change of mind! Chicanes are a good idea after all - traffic slow anyway so might have to get one! :D

20-03-2003, 17:41
I'd consider buying tickets quickly for this. The telephone number is 01327 850 270. It took me absolutely ages to get through, and apparently the tickets are actually disappearing very quickly. Camping space is being taken up too.
I have just bought my 3 day pass complete with Camping for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. Total cost for this lot is £65.00.
Infield parking for this event (inside the Indy circuit) is not available, but free parking is available in the main areas. I'm not sure how this works with the camping, but I expect we'll be parked with the tents, and then move the cars to the main area when necessary.
I was advised that if tickets get lost in the post, they cannot be re-issued, and you'll lose your money. Having just spent £65, I decided to go for the special delivery option, which costs £4.50, but is insured against ticket loss. As our post service seems to have helped themselves to 3 sets of Blackburn Rovers tickets this season, I decided not to take any risks. They are scheduled to arrive 2 weeks before race-day.
So, come on, who else has confirmed?

25-03-2003, 12:06
Just got tickets sorted for Beverley and myself (and the 3 little ones). Need to make sure I book a camping space. Is anyone camping at the circuit or elsewhere?


25-03-2003, 18:02
I believe Diggers in having trouble getting through too. Maybe best to try first thing in the morning. I was on hold for about 15 minutes, and was told they had some telephone problems, so maybe this is the problem. Don't give up though, it will be a brilliant weekend, plus I don't want to be having a BBQ in a field by myself!!!

25-03-2003, 20:27
I don't want to be having a BBQ in a field by myself!!!
You won't be Paul :D

Mat C
27-03-2003, 13:39
Still can't get through. I'm dreading my phone bill. Not bothering anymore because the amount i'll be forking out on the phone bill does not compensate for what i will save on the weekend by just turning up at the gate. So i may risk just turning up for the weekend. I'll have to have a good think about this one. :mad:

27-03-2003, 14:01
I think Andy bought ours on-line.

27-03-2003, 14:03
Must admit I gave up on the phone as well and order 2 Season passes over the internet. As we will go a number of meetings this season this will work out cheaper. I will probably take a risk on the camping space though and try to get that on the day. As we will probably go on for the whole weekend should be ok.


28-03-2003, 21:02

Cannot decide what to do..

Make a full weekend of it, but will have to buy a tent as the tent I had my eye on will have other occupants in the lake district that weekend.....Doh!!!!!:guns:

Travel down on the monday morning (Estimated Start Time 4am). watch the days events, set off after BTCC Feature race.... and traffic... say 6pm, arrive home after 10pm.

Travel down Sunday night... but find a relative who lives on the way... thats Zero then


Beg that any very nice members of this forum (Any offers???) who are travelling to Brands on the Monday and are a heck of a lot nearer to Brands than my house either have a spare bed / couch for the night...


Gonna get ticket as soon as I know what to do!!!!

29-03-2003, 04:56
We have booked our tickets just for the Monday (Max won't slum it, plus Monday's the day of the CART/BTCC).

For those going we need to swop a few numbers so we can meet up with those already there!

If you want my mobile - just PM me!

29-03-2003, 12:41

I have a spare 3-man tent you can use for the weekend if you want mate


29-03-2003, 14:10
Originally posted by yellowtrophy

I have a spare 3-man tent you can use for the weekend if you want mate


Cheers mate

Will just check with the missus if she minds me leaving her on her own for the whole weekend?

06-04-2003, 22:33
Finally decided tonight to give the full weekend thing a miss. due to housing comitments (laila banging on at me to finish decorating the kitchen).

Wil still be going down on Monday morning, 4am start for me...
drive down to Brands (without ticket maybe??) then travel back on the evening.

Long day.... :angst

Mat C
07-04-2003, 00:11
Davey, i'm gonna join you on that one. I'm not wasting anymore of my time trying to get through :frust So if you want, we could meet up on the way down, maybe at the services at the M18 / M180 junction and drive down together. I think it's a Moto or something like that.

07-04-2003, 00:16
Mat / Davey. I've always found the A1 to Huntingdon then across to Cambridge then M11 to be the easiest and quickest way to get to Brands (been many times over the years).

Probably best from Grimsby would be A46 to Newark then join A1 there.

Services near Grantham (Gonerby Moor) is a good meeting point (got toilets/petrol/food etc).

Not sure of exactly what we are doing, but we will be there.

07-04-2003, 10:05
Cheers John

Matt - We'll discuss the meetup stuff on the 27th April on the North Lincs run.

Gonna try and buy a ticket when I get some cash towards the middle of the month.

07-04-2003, 10:12
Wish you'd decided that before I'd bought my 3 day ticket (& camping) lads :(

Looks like I'll be having a BBQ on my tod then.

Having said that, your clan ar there all weekend aren't you Beverley?


07-04-2003, 10:22
:rolleyes: .yep, we'll be there!
I just hope its a bit less wet than last time we camped there!!

Mat C
07-04-2003, 13:36
Sorry about that Paul, but my intentions were always their to see ! I never made any commitment to this for several reasons but this ticket fiasco was the final straw. The 1 day will be good enough for me :)

Davey, no probs for discussing the meet up point. :)

08-04-2003, 14:43

I've just managed to get through and booked a ticket for the Monday (race day) only.

Paul, if the offer's still open I'll take you up on your "spare room" in your tent please. I haven't booked entry to the camp-site, as I thought I would pay for that on arrival.

I asked about infield parking but the lady on the phone said it wasn't available for this event and the South Car Parks would be closed. Is that right?



10-04-2003, 16:05

after being on hold / in queue for roughyl 10 minutes listening to that women repeating about the call being important and that really dodgy music.

got through and the bird I spoke to was from Northallerton, isnt this world a small place!!


race day ticket is winging its recorded delivery way to me right now!!

really excited now

this and British Grand prix tickets all on the same day.... Love the summer!!!!

10-04-2003, 16:13
Paul - If there is room, and if I change my mind about travelling down that day.... could I crash at your tent on sunday night too..

Diggers - could meet you at services on M1 when you go down and we could go in convoy

Still undecided if I wanna do a 500 odd mile drive on the same day, aswell as watch the racing.

10-04-2003, 17:31
No problem mate. It's a 6 man tent with 2 rooms and a "living area" so there is plenty of room. I'll also chuck the gazebo and my other tent in the boot, if it will fit!!

Can't believe its only 3 weeks off!



10-04-2003, 17:47
SOunds like you are far better equiped than us. We've just got the 2 little tents - kids in one at one end of the field, and us in the other at the other end!!!
We'll take the BBQ ( a tandoori oven!) and hopefully a gazebo. Are we all gonna pitch up near each other?

10-04-2003, 18:08
Would be a good idea to set up camp together. What, with a load of tents, a few BBQ's and a couple of gazebos, we can have our own little village!! Need to get phone numbers etc. before getting down there!



10-04-2003, 18:56

I'll pm you with my numbers.

15-04-2003, 09:39
could you leave some camping space for myself, Matt Carlisle and Diggers if we go ahead and travel down on the sunday afternoon ready for a sunday night Barbie?

15-04-2003, 12:15
Will do mate!

:D :D :D

15-04-2003, 13:01
Paul - Any idea of a location or name of the campsite where you guys are staying?

I'm trying to organise a meet up on the sunday evening, around 5pm at the South Mimms services on the M25.

Myself, Diggers and Mat C.

can work out tenting arrangments when we get there.

15-04-2003, 13:08
We will already be there by then. Probably going up early on Sunday or maybe even Sat if the weather is good. If we are going to be the first there we will grab a nice open space and mark it up somehow. Will let you have mobile numbers anyway.


Mat C
15-04-2003, 13:12
You'll hear me before you see me so no worries on not finding each other !!! :rockon:

15-04-2003, 13:19
would it be an idea to see who is actually committed to camping and what days they plan on getting there... so BeverlyM and AndrewM (husband and wife???) know how large an area to conquer!

The list begins:-

DaveyHird (arriving Sunday PM)

15-04-2003, 14:04
I'll be arriving at Brands on FRIDAY evening. I need to check with the circuit that I will be able to get in, as it will be about 8pm. If there is a problem, I'll grab a hotel or something on the Friday night, and set up camp first thing on Saturday.

The campsite is the official circuit campsite, and I'm not sure exactly where it is. However, when I arrive, I'll grab a good area, and spread my car, gazebo and tent over as big an area as possible!



15-04-2003, 14:23
just been online to try and find the location of the offical campsite at Brands...

noticed that the online booking facility is now available

link below


no excuses now for not going!

15-04-2003, 15:09
If you go in the main entrance, the campsite is down the lane a bit and on the left. The circuit is down the hill to the right. Why don't we say that we'll all pitch up in the top right corner?

The list begins:-

DaveyHird (arriving Sunday PM)
Andy & Beverley + at least 3 kids :angst (oh, and yes we are married!)

15-04-2003, 15:46
+ at least 3 kids

:angst Is there something I don't know :angst

Mat C
15-04-2003, 16:44
The list begins:-

DaveyHird (arriving Sunday PM)
Andy & Beverley + at least 3 kids (oh, and yes we are married!)
Mat C ( Arriving Sunday PM )

Just dug out my tent. Had it 2 and a half years and never opened it ! So i thought i might have a look at how it goes together but the only leaflet enclosed was titled 'Erection instructions' !!!!!!! I don't need instructions for that, it's nothing that a mucky movie, a copy of Razzle and a willing bint can't sort out ! Now, if only i could figure out how to put that tent up ;)

15-04-2003, 17:09
It appears the list keeps forgetting me!

yellowtrophy (arriving Friday PM)
DaveyHird (arriving Sunday PM)
Andy & Beverley + at least 3 kids (oh, and yes we are married!)
Mat C ( Arriving Sunday PM )

Pitching in top right corner sounds good to me, but will look and see what it's like when I arrive. Look for a big yellow and blue tent and a big green & white gazebo with a big MG flag if you arrive after me!!!!


15-04-2003, 17:28
Should be a decent crowd for a BBQ on Sunday night then.

yellowtrophy (arriving Friday PM)
DaveyHird (arriving Sunday PM)
Andy & Beverley + at least 3 kids (oh, and yes we are married!)
Mat C ( Arriving Sunday PM )
Diggers (arriving Sunday PM)

17-04-2003, 14:10
Mr Doubtfire and potentially kids expressed an interest in camping a few weeks ago..

nothing more said since then....

I'll bring some burgers!:)

Mat C
22-04-2003, 20:46
You mean i don't get a lay in !!!!? ;)

22-04-2003, 21:05
No, not if you're camping near us!!!

Kids don't seem to understand the concept of 'weekends' and 'laying in'.

OK at home, what the TV and Nintendo, but on a campsite.....:angst

Mat C
22-04-2003, 22:28
:cry: No need !!! :cry: I was hoping for a nice long snooze after all those cans of Fozzy's i'm gonna neck :blah

Mat C
22-04-2003, 23:28
Guy, i'll tell you what you need to do . . . . . . . . . . . . Get your ar5e in gear and come camping on the sunday to enjoy barby's and booze !! Then no horrible traffic on monday morning means we get the best spectating views !!! Come on , you know you wany to ! Just back track a bit through this thread for more details. Myself, Diggers and DaveyHird are hoping to turn up on Sunday at about 5pm in convoy !! :D

22-04-2003, 23:49
....and we'll be there either Saturday or Sunday morning.
Got the tickets, just need to buy the food and beer!....oh, and bribe the kids!
They don't like roughing it much :rolleyes:

23-04-2003, 00:47
My tickets haven't arrived but no need to worry I s'pose - yet!

Staying from the Friday night till the Monday night in Maidstone, hope its close to Brands as I haven't a clue since I've never been South of York in a car before!

23-04-2003, 08:52

I'm in on this if I can still get a ticket - will phone today but reading previous posts may have problems.

If I can get a ticket I'll be coming down on the Sunday after the Abingdon Fayre meet (probably trying to keep up with Graham etc on the way!).

Watch this space!!

23-04-2003, 09:20
Ross - No need to worry mate, Maidstone is only about 15 miles from Brands...

only word of advice is set off early on Race day as the roads around there will be chocca... this is speaking from British Grand Prix experience at Brands Hatch in the late 80's.

I hear theres a big forum BBQ at the campsite on the sunday evening.....why not come along to that!!


Looking forward to this one..... :rockon:

23-04-2003, 11:56
As regards BBQ on Sunday night, I guess if everyone brings enough food & beer for themselves we'll be fine. Also, I'm going to take a couple of disposable BBQs for Sunday (so if you see a burnt out yellow Trophy on your way down, I put 'em too close to the engine!!), may be worth others bringing 1 or 2 of them as well.
Not got my tickets yet, was told they would arrive about 2 weeks before the meeting.
Let's hope MG get their act together for Brands after the disaster at Mondello this weekend!

Mat C
23-04-2003, 13:30
Guy, i havn't got a ticket but i'm just gonna turn up on sunday and buy one on the gate. Their's no way that it will be no entry on the gate without tickets, they just couldn't risk that !! :D

23-04-2003, 16:05
Matt - Would recommend that you either book online before you go, or get a ticket for the Monday when we arrive at the track on the sunday evening... that way... can walk straight in on Monday and avoid the queues which are sure to be immense.

23-04-2003, 16:22
shall I bring a football for a spot of post BBQ kick around...


23-04-2003, 16:34
Yes, do, definitely up for a game of footy!

23-04-2003, 16:50
Useful page here for the none campers! here (http://tocatour.com/schedule/Brands_Hatch/brands_hatch.html)

Brandshatch Place Hotel, Fawkham
T 01474 872239
Brands Hatch Thistle Hotel, Dartford
T 01474 854900
Hilltop Hotel, Nr Wrotham
T 01732 822696
Donington Manor, Sevenoaks
T 01732 462681
Express Holiday Inn, Dartford
T 01322 290333
Travelodge, Dartford
T 0870 1911525

So who is going and meeting where? Maybe useful to have a new thread with people and meet places only on it!

23-04-2003, 21:49
Originally posted by Mat C
Guy, i havn't got a ticket but i'm just gonna turn up on sunday and buy one on the gate. Their's no way that it will be no entry on the gate without tickets, they just couldn't risk that !! :D

Phoned today about 10ish and got straight through. Only problem was I didn't know what grandstand I wanted so phoning back tomorrow. Was going to ask here where everyone's going, but now I've thought about it probably won't get a G/S ticket till I get there.

Brands is a great circuit for spectators anyway.

Does anyone know if the door price is much more than the advanced? They only seem to advertise the advanced on the web site.

Mat C
24-04-2003, 13:38

Getting the ticket for Monday when we arrive is exactly what i plan on doing ! No way am i queing up and watching all you lot just stroll through !!

Guy, 1st time through you lucky git !!! Just tried AGAIN and got the same cr@p about how my call is important. They can stick it up their ar5e. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you considering how much entertainment you've provided on the forum ! Are you camping over on Sunday night ?

24-04-2003, 14:26

Just ordered my ticket and again straight through. What number are you trying? I just rang (01327) 850270.

Will be good to meet a fellow Grimbarian (?) too Mate!! Yes I'm coming down on the Sunday so save us a pitch for my tent if you get there first! Oh yeah, and a few cans of Fozy!! :beerchug

I'll PM you my mobile later - will give you a chance to empty your mail box now as I know it's always full!!!

Cheers Buddy.

Mat C
24-04-2003, 14:45
Guy, i'll bring a 24 pack just to be safe !!! :beerchug

That's the number. Not bothered now anyway, i'll just pay my camp site fee when i turn up and then go to a ticket office for a ticket after arriving :)

25-04-2003, 10:49
My ticket for the Monday racing arrived this morning!

See you all there on the Sunday evening chaps. I will PM my mobile no. to a few of you between now and next weekend to aid with meeting up etc.


Mat C
25-04-2003, 20:38
I've a feeling that this is going to turn out to be the meet up of the year ! A few of us driving down together, all from different regions, camping out with beer and BBQ's, and some sh!t hot racing action ! Really looking forward to this one folks ! :D :beerchug

27-04-2003, 11:12
OK all

I would like to build a contacts database for the BTCC Gatherings this year.

If all those attending Brands and any other BTCC gatherings could PM me

1. your mobile no. (if you have one and if you wish)
2. An email address which can be used
3. Real Name if you use an alias on the forum
4. Where you live (town or county will be fine)

If you could indicate on your PM whether or not you wish your data to be made available to other gathers that would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance


27-04-2003, 11:26

Have pm'd you our details. Forgot to say that you can share the with the rest of the gang. :D

27-04-2003, 15:57
Just bought a new tent on-line, so you can have a laugh as we put it up for the first time next weekend!
Starting to think about it abit more seriously now. Checking out the battery situation for the torches, wash the sleeping bags.....
a womans work is never done!!!
Andy went out to buy a portable bbq earlier, as with ours being a brick one, its not to easy to move! Everywhere has sold out :eek:

28-04-2003, 16:22
as I am a novice when it comes to this camping stuff.... what do I need to bring, bearing in mind I will hopefully be sharing a tent with someone (Paul?, Matt?).

Planning on going shopping this week too.... anything needed for BBQ... whos taking what..

I am verye excited about this now..

cannot wait!!!

28-04-2003, 16:33
A warm sleeping bag, and something to lie on like a blow up mattress, cos the field is bumpy!
An eski with whatever you want to cook, and whatever tipple you fancy.
An umberella!!!
Usual stuff - clean pants & socks, toothbrush, rainproof jacket.

I'm sure some of the others will add to this!!!


28-04-2003, 17:45
Toilet roll :moon:

28-04-2003, 18:33
There's a voice of experience.

You just don't think about those things unless you 've spent a good amount of time under canvas, at the mercy of portaloos.

:eek: :D

29-04-2003, 11:25
Just trying to get through to the 'camping hotline'. Been on hold for about half an hour!!!!

29-04-2003, 11:39
My tickets arrived yesterday! 3 day pass plus camping ticket. I'm hoping that there are some directions as to where I should be going when I arrive, as the camping ticket is just that, a ticket. No instructions or directions or anything!

29-04-2003, 11:44
I've got through. She had to call me back, cos her computer crashed and its connected to her phone :confused:

Now she tells me I have to phone Silverstone, cos tehy are doing the dispatch for the tickets :blah

29-04-2003, 11:59
I don't believe it :frust

After an hour, I'm now told that you can't buy camping tickets over the phone. They obviously don't have any faith in our postal system. http://www.clicksmilie.de/sammlung/spezial/Fool/nunu.gif

She did say that there would be no problem in getting a pitch though.

Kelvin Fagan
29-04-2003, 12:26
Some advice if your cooking in a frying pan! Line it with quality tin foil, when your done, just dispose of foil, theres no washing up!!:D

Alway pack the tent pegs, and a good mallet!!

29-04-2003, 12:52
wet wipes.

very usefull. http://www.clicksmilie.de/sammlung/spezial/Fool/mpr.gif

29-04-2003, 13:34
I'll try to take up as much room as possible when I arrive on Friday evening, so there is room for everyone else to pitch. If anyone can get their tent to me, either to my parents in Blackburn or my house in Formby, I'll pitch it on the Friday night, seeing as I'll have sod all else to do!!
Getting excited now!

29-04-2003, 13:42
Yep, should be excellent.

Are earplugs seriously recommended for the Champ Cars then? If so I'd better get a pair I guess. I know they're VERY loud.


Mat C
29-04-2003, 15:20
Plastic plates and cuttlery too are a necesity for the BBQ. Bin liner for rubbish, something to prop the disposable BBQ's on so as not to set fire to the grass. Torch or night light for in the tent and firelighter blocks. :)

29-04-2003, 16:45
Chairs to sit in around tents/bbq and also at the circuit.

29-04-2003, 19:31
What about the spade to dig the hole and an old school chair frame with a toilet seat attached.

Thats the one memory I have from the last time I went camping.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oh Yea, and the flag pole, the neckercheif & gatters for the socks (Dib, Dib, Dib, Dob, Dob, Dob, we promise to **** arkela's ***) Well thats what I think the song said.

And finally,

What about the camp fire songs, Gin Gan Gooley etc etc

Need I say more

29-04-2003, 19:43
songs......hhmmmmmmm http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/spezial/Fool/thk.gif

Well there's always

Extreme......."More than words", "Get the funk out" etc

Kelvin Fagan
29-04-2003, 20:04
If your going to sit around the camp fire then you will need a case of baked beans!!


29-04-2003, 20:09
If that pic is from where I think, I ain't sitting near any naked flames :D :D

29-04-2003, 23:38
Hopefully somebody will let me share their tent on the sunday night, otherwise my car will be used as a bed.

i plan on paying at the entrance to the campsite on sunday teatime.

Mat C
30-04-2003, 13:31
Unfortunatly my tent space is booked but didn't Paul mention that he has a spare tent or room in his 6 man mansion tent !!? :D

30-04-2003, 14:51
Originally posted by Mat C
Unfortunatly my tent space is booked but didn't Paul mention that he has a spare tent or room in his 6 man mansion tent !!? :D
Sure did. I'll probably pitch both my tents when I arrive on Friday, to take up some room if nothing else!
I've got a small 2-man tent, and a 2 bedroom 6 man tent, so there is plenty of room at the moment for both yourself Davey and Diggers who is also kipping over on Sunday night.

30-04-2003, 14:54
We've also got a large 3 bed 6 birth, and 2 small 3 birth tents!!!

Hey, we could charge, like a camping B&B!!!

30-04-2003, 15:09
Cheers Paul...

Now really looking forward to the weekend.


Mat C
30-04-2003, 17:31
I'll probably have to suffer Paul's guffs all night and numerous texts from his sexy lady friends !! :angst

01-05-2003, 09:45
Picked up all the stuff from my parents last night. Used my other car to collect it, so I'm not sure if it will all fit in the boot of my MG!
Anyway, I am taking:
1 big tent (6 man)
1 small tent (2 man)
1 groundsheet for tent (grass will be soaking)
1 gazebo
1 bbq stand (so Mat C doesn't get upset about us burning the grass)
1 big torch
1 torch to connect to cigarette lighter in car
1 big, comfy airbed :D (plus pump)
1 big MG flag
1 massive St. Georges Cross flag
1 big hammer for tent pegs
2 folding chairs
1 picnic set (including plates, sups etc.)
Bin bags and paper towels

Just need to add sleeping bag and clothes, and I'll be sorted! Don't think I've forgotten anything.

And all this is going to have to fit in the back of an MGF!!



Mat C
01-05-2003, 11:49
And their's me wandering if i'll fit all our clobber in my tonka toy ! :D

01-05-2003, 11:52
I can just picture us all now.....


01-05-2003, 12:35
hopefully will stay dry for the BBQ.

really excited now!:beerchug

01-05-2003, 12:45
Originally posted by BeverleyM
I can just picture us all now.....

:crackup - Bagsy not me on fire in the middle!!!!!


01-05-2003, 12:47
In fact, I've got a big bag of wood that we can use for a camp fire if it gets a bit cold - which it will!

I'll see if I can sqeeze it into the car - may have to leave my spare wheel at home, take the IMS kit, and use the front bonnet for storage!!


01-05-2003, 12:59
Weather forecast is warm and sunny for Saturday and Sunday, but rain likely for Monday.

Mat C
01-05-2003, 13:14
And you expected any different !!!??? It's a British bank holiday !! :lol:

02-05-2003, 23:11
I phoned Paul earlier. He was about a mile away from BH. It wasn't raining, but he was going to see how things were before he either pitched a tent or looked for a B&B. Had his copy of Murray Walker with him apparently, to while away the hours!!!!

We are leaving in the morning - not early I hope!

See you all there :D

02-05-2003, 23:18
Wish I was going!! :cry:

Have fun you lot. Wave a few MG flags for me & I'll see if I can spot you on the telly!!! :D

03-05-2003, 01:17
................the Nobster may be in the promised land
...............MG land
................BH Indy

Mat C
03-05-2003, 14:18
You won't be able to miss us !! :D

03-05-2003, 20:54
Just spoken to Bev who's already down there to see if

1) there's any thing I should bring.

2) there's anything someone's forgotten and would like me to bring.

Anyway, turns out Sainsburys have set up a huge marque full of stuff in the campsite. Just like a normal supermarket.

She recommends travel as light as possible as you can buy everything down there (although she did want me to pick up some cigs for her - smokers please take note).

Also, she says it's dry at the moment but the wind makes it very cold so pack lots of warm clothing.

You can't park in the campsite so have to lug all your stuff inside. But they've saved us lots of room for our tents etc.

This is going to be a good meet I can tell!!


Oh yeah, think I better pack my steering wheel lock thingy too!

Kelvin Fagan
03-05-2003, 21:14
Is there no-one on site with a portable laptop, how will Bev cope not being on the forum?


03-05-2003, 22:03
I think it's gonna be very quiet on here Sun/Mon!!

Mat C
03-05-2003, 23:01
You can't park where you're camping !!??? That's the oddest thing i've heard for a long while ! :confused:

03-05-2003, 23:35
Originally posted by Mat C
You can't park where you're camping !!??? That's the oddest thing i've heard for a long while ! :confused:

You and me both mate!

Hence the wheel locky thing!!

See you at 5!

Mat C
03-05-2003, 23:39
Never mind a crook lock, i might borrow my uncle's Rotweiler, Nigel. Busy doing my packing at the moment ! Havn't got a sleeping bag so i'm taking lots of cosy quilts !! :D

03-05-2003, 23:50

Which one's called Nigel - hope it's your uncle 'cos no one calls a rotweiler "Nigel" do they?

"Eat the burglar Nigel" ain't gonna scare 'em off like "Bruno!! ATTACK!!" would.

Like having a doberman called "Pippin" or "Flopsy"!!


Mat C
03-05-2003, 23:54
Yes, it is the mutt that's called Nigel !! His German shephards called William ! My dads cat is called Derek, and my cats are called Dave, Luthor and Monkey Boy !! :D :lol:

04-05-2003, 00:00
Christ!! What have I let myself in for this weekend????

Busy packing myself too - but don't forget a towel - easily done!


Mat C
04-05-2003, 00:03
Towel was one of the 1st things in. Got my telly and games console and mucky playing cards too !! Oh yeah, and just a few beers !! :beerchug

04-05-2003, 00:10
Originally posted by Mat C
mucky playing cards too !! Oh yeah, and just a few beers !! :beerchug

I'm going to enjoy the next two days!!!

Kelvin Fagan
04-05-2003, 07:33
Funny how for weeks all the plans being made, no one considering that the Brands Hatch way of orgainising things might scupper the best made plans!!

I recently bought some tickets for the CSMA/MGOC to ensure i got parked with the MGs. I now have some free tickets and a seperate pass because of my invlovement with MGOC racing.
But u can be sure that Brands are so in flexiable that my free ticket/pass would not allow me to park with the MGs even though I drive an MG. Last year when I took BTCC photos, press parking was miles away, all the TV crews had to lug huge ammount of equipment half ways across the circuit

Hope u all have a great time

06-05-2003, 15:34
Originally posted by Kelvin Fagan
Is there no-one on site with a portable laptop, how will Bev cope not being on the forum?

kelv. Funny you should say that. I remember saying on Sunday night that I should have taken mine so we could give you all a real time commentary!

But I'm back now

:lol: :roll: :lol:

Oh, yeah, it was me who forget the towels. I'm suprised that you all camped so near us :angst :blush

06-05-2003, 16:02
Originally posted by BeverleyM
I remember saying on Sunday night

Was there a Sunday night? :beerchug

06-05-2003, 22:55
Sounded as though the parking regs at Brands campsite had caused some serious grief.

When me and Paul were packing up his tents at the end of Monday, some of the campsite "marshals" drove a car into the site itself, and this bloke started yelling at them:


If they had indeed been bringing cars in and doing doughnuts on the grass then that was a really stupid thing to do, especially since the reason I heard them giving for not wanting people to drive cars in was so that it would be safe for children to run around on the site.

I very much enjoyed the whole thing of meeting up the night before, BBQing, boozing and camping out. I reckon we should do it again for one of the other meets this year (maybe Brands #2 if nothing else).