: MGB Side plate leak

phil deeley
01-05-2006, 13:23
Hi All,

Anyone come accross this one before? The B developed an oil leak on the front side plate (the one with the seperator and pipe) so purchased a new gasket (rubber type) for this year and fitted it, still had a leak bought another gasket checked for any distortion on the plate fitted it with a little sealent this time and still leaks. I did notice that the inside edge of the plate is angled (on the front lower corner) but the aperture on the side of the engine is square with a radius is dosent look the correct type for the engine...does anyone know if this things change depending on age? or am I doing something completely wrong...Thanks for reading.


01-05-2006, 13:33
I expect the centre bolt has been overtightened at some point in the past and the plate is now distorted - and not achieving full clamping pressure.

Can you still obtain replacements from specialists?

phil deeley
01-05-2006, 14:40

Moss still stock them ill give it a try


01-05-2006, 15:19
There are two typres of gasket, some prefer the rubber (I think on the late 18V block), some the cork (on the earlier cars). As Dave mentions, tightening too much will distort the plate, especially the rear one which is a simple pressed steel sheet. It may be worth while getting a new front one as this has a wire mesh inside which is to separate the oil droplets and may be quite gummed up by now!
Also, with your new one, before getting oil near it, use a good gasket glue to hold the gasket in place and allow to cure for a while before fitting.
Also, check your oil filler cap as if this is blocked it can create more pressure on the engine from the crank and then any weak spot will start to leak. So renew the cap, too for the sake of a few pound.

03-06-2006, 07:28
And don't forget to get the correct torque setting for the bolt as we used to see it all to often with the side plate's and rocker cover's,over tightened and that's the end of it new plate's and sometimes rocker box aswell,those were the day's A series and B series engine's what a way to learn an apprentiship pure qaulity.